About us

Gullsmiðja Hansinu Jens was founded in 1996 by Hansína Jens, before that Hansína worked for her father Jens Guðjónsson. Her father, Jens Guðjónsson, then left his company Jens and started working at Gullsmiðja Hansín Jens in 1997, where he worked with his daughter for the rest of his working life. Hansína Jens focuses on handmade jewelery, she uses her 48 years of experience in the profession and her education as a sculptor from ACAD Calgary to make unique jewelery. Each item is made unique, handmade from silver, gold, bronze and copper. The works are inspired by the powerful Icelandic landscape, she works a lot from ice and fire. He also takes advantage of the dramatic landscape and natural stones in his work.