terms and conditions

Company / vendor information
Gullsmiðja Hansína Jens, ID no. 4310962349, Dugguvogur 10, 7720977 hansina.jens@hansinajens.is reserves the right to cancel orders, e.g. due to incorrect price information or stop offering products without notice. The right to confirm orders by telephone is reserved.

Delivery of goods
All orders are processed the next working day after ordering. If the product is not in stock, a service representative will contact you and inform you of the estimated delivery time of the product. Of all orders distributed by Íslandspóstur, Íslandspóstur's delivery, warranty and transport terms apply to the delivery of the product. According to this, Hansín Jens' goldsmith is not responsible for lost shipments or damage that may occur to goods in transit. If a product is lost in the mail or suffers damage from the time it is sent from Gullsmiðja Hansín Jens to the person in question, the damage is the buyer's responsibility. You can pay 590 ISK. for traceable letter. 

Price of goods and shipping costs
All prices in the online store include 24% VAT, but shipping costs are then added before payment is made. We send all products by Íslandspóstur directly to your door. Shipping cost is ISK 900

To exchange and return a product
A 30-day right of return is granted when purchasing a product in exchange for the presentation of a sales invoice that satisfactorily shows when the product was purchased. The product must be unused, in perfect condition and in its original undamaged packaging when returned. If a product is sealed, the seal must not be broken. The return of a product is based on its original price, unless the product in question is on sale or on a special offer upon delivery. The price of the product is based on the day it is returned.

Faulty product
If a product is defective, customers are offered a new product instead and we pay all shipping costs in question. Or refund if required. In other respects, reference is made to the Act on Consumer Purchases no. 48/2003 and the Act on Consumer Contracts.

Confidentiality (Security Terms)
The seller names the buyer in full confidentiality regarding all information he provides in connection with the transaction. Information will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

Law and venue
This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic law. If a case arises because of him, it shall be brought before the District Court of Reykjavík.